Friday, June 24, 2016

Casting call for the 3 young lead roles in A Wrinkle in Time

Aisha Coley Casting is looking for the 3 young lead roles in the feature film, “A WRINKLE IN TIME” by The Disney Company, being directed by Ava DuVernay (“Selma”).

We are actively searching for these roles in the UK. Acting experience preferred but not mandatory

Any applicants should email a recent photo and contact details to:

We are seeking the following:

MEG – 13 - 16 yrs old to play 14, Female, mixed-race (Black/Caucasian or Black)

Despite being pretty, Meg is troubled, belligerent, yet pretty and intelligent. She possesses an inner beauty that is clouded by the traumatic effect of the disappearance of her beloved scientist father when she was 9. Now rebellious, she hates herself, believing that no one could love her with the exception of her mother and 5 year old brother. At 14, Meg only wants one thing in the world--to find her father. Despite her flaws, we like Meg and we are rooting for her as she, her brother and new friend Calvin take off on an intergalactic journey where Meg discovers her inner warrior and the powerful strength of pure love...LEAD

CHARLES WALLACE - 5-7 yrs old to play 5. Male, mixed-race (Black /Caucasian or Black) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and articulate, much older than his years, like a well-read college professor trapped in the body of a 5 year old. Despite his youth, he is a strong, brave soul, delightful, sweet, innocent and loving. Someone we fall in love with. Like Meg, he undergoes a life-changing transformation during their intergalactic journey…LEAD

CALVIN - 15 - 17 yrs old to play 16, Male, Ethnic minority (i.e., Bi-racial, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Eastern Indian, Native American, NOT CAUCASIAN).
HANDSOME, fit, genuinely sweet and caring, an empath, a decent young man who effortlessly does the right thing, Calvin is a student at Meg's school who's smitten with the prickly Meg, seeing in her a strength and vulnerability she doesn't know she has. From a troubled family himself, with a difficult, verbally abusive father, Calvin likes Meg's home, which is warm and cozy with her mother and little brother, Charles Wallace. Calvin winds up going on Meg and Charles Wallace's inter-planetary journey to find their father, along with the three astral ladies, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which. Calvin proves to be a strong, reliable, and loving addition to their adventure...LEAD

Please put the name “ScreenTerrier” in the subject line.

The film will begin shooting in the early fall.
Thank you! 
Aisha Coley Casting

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